Best Bcaa 30 Servings – BPI SPORTS

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Strong points :

– Promotes muscle growth

– Improves muscle recovery

– Improves performance

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Product presentation

Best Bcaa is a product containing a series of amino acids linked to the enzymatic technology of oligopeptides. These are peptides that combine the following essential acids lysines, isoleucine and valine, which are a better way to transfer proteins and nutrients to the muscles and a more efficient metabolism. Best BCA helps with muscle building and healing, as well as preventing muscle breakdown during and after physical activity it contains a CLA matrix to support muscle growth but also to reduce fat mass This product also helps improve performance during exercise.
Best Bcaa has several different flavors to satisfy all tastes.


-Take 1 pod mixed with 50 to 70cl of water.
-To be consumed before, during and after training

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